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  • Dal Al
  • I don’t know why

    I don't know why(Parole e musica di Marcello Cosenza) Sorry my darlingI'm sorry againI'm sorry for everything I saidbut I have so much painyou know I never meant to hurt youI never meant to say those thingsyou know I love you more than anythingbut I have so much pain I spent my lifetrying to be a [...]

  • Creative Capital

    Dopo tanti anni mi sono concesso ferie piuttosto lunghe. In Olanda: Maastricht, Amsterdam, Delft, Den Hague, Utrecht. Un po' di tempo prima, circa due anni fa, il fraterno amico Marco Zamperini 1.0, mi aveva mandato  il link relativo a una conferenza sulla creatività che si teneva ad Amsterdam [...]

  • One Day

    One day(Parole e musica di Marcello Cosenza) I've seen so many liers seating in church with their smile I've seen so many hypocritescontrolling people's mindand tell me what's this raceand why you thought  so many liesis your vanity and pridemessing up your mindanother dayanother nightonly yourself [...]

  • Insane

    Insane(Parole e musica di Marcello Cosenza)I've been waiting invaneyou drive me insaneyes you really dominatebut soon you will paywhat can I tell you loverwhat can I saywhat can I tell you loveryou drive me insaneyou drive me insaneyou drive me insaneyou drive me insaneyou drive me insaneI can't really [...]